Chemistry3: Introducing inorganic, organic and physical chemistry 9780199691852

Course Codes : 300803, 300808
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Chemistry3 tackles head-on two issues pervading chemistry education: the students' mathematical skills, and their ability to see the subject as a single, unified discipline. Instead of avoiding the maths, Chemistry3 provides structured support, in the form of careful explanations, reminders of key mathematical concepts, step-by-step calculations in worked examples, and a Maths Toolkit, to help students get to grips with the essential mathematical element of chemistry. Frequent cross-references highlight the connections between each strand of chemistry and explain the relationship between the topics, so students can develop an understanding of the subject as a whole. Uniquely amongst the introductory chemistry texts currently available, Chemistry3 is written by a team of chemists to give equal coverage of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry - coverage that is uniformly authoritative. The approach to organic chemistry is mechanistic, rather than the old-fashioned 'functional group' approach, to help students achieve a fuller understanding of the underlying principles. New to this edition: - Frequent cross-links to an extensive bank of online resources, which help readers to visualize molecular structure and gain a deeper understanding of reaction mechanisms, have been added. - Screencasts, in which authors talk through selected examples and key reaction mechanisms step-by-step, and relevant video content are directly linked to from the text via QR code images. - Certain new topics have been added, including Raman spectroscopy and retrosynthesis, as well as new and updated examples of chemistry in context. - At the end of chapters, new questions have been added, with more challenging ones indicated with an asterisk, and key equations are now summarised in a table.

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ISBN 9780199691852
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication Date
Edition 2