LexisNexis Study Guide: International Law 9780409338935

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Begin your revision or exam preparation with this essential tool for success!

The LexisNexis Study Guide series is designed to assist law students with the foundations for effective, systematic revision and exam preparation. Each chapter clearly explains pertinent topics within international law and identifies key materials to consolidate learning. Succinct summaries of principles and key cases simplify exam study and short, concise paragraphs, bullet-pointed summaries, flowcharts and tables facilitate revision.

This book provides a contemporary and accessible foundation for the study of all key aspects of international law. It covers the fundamentals of theory and practice and highlights issues of particular relevance to Australia.


Includes key cases and commentary to simplify revision and exam study Clear summaries assist students to understand and retain key principles Compact and portable - great for open book exams

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ISBN 9780409338935
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