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This pack contains 1 copy of The Little Penguin Handbook: Australasian Edition (3rd edition) + 1 copy of Business Academic Skills (Custom Edition). This custom edition is published for the University of Western Sydney. The Little Penguin Handbook: Australasian edition 3e is a handy full-colour reference guide that gives students just what they need to know about the writing and research processes, while providing coverage of documentation and grammar. It offers student-friendly features and includes coverage of the most current Harvard, APA, MLA and CMS citation, documentation and style guidelines. Associate Lecturer and Professional Writing Consultant Angela Shetler, from University of Sydney, has reviewed and further adapted the book specifically for the Australasian context. Angela's expertise has ensured the handbook reflects the needs of Australasian students.

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ISBN 9781488607240
Publisher Pearson
Publication Date
Edition 5 ed