The International Business Environment 2nd Edition 9780199596829

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Building on the success of the first edition, this text employs a wide range of examples from BRIC and CIVETS economies and provides chapters on both CSR and the ecological environment as well as a new chapter on country assessment. An extensive library of video links is also offered, as part of an extensive Online Resource Centre, to bring this exciting subject to life for students. 'Counterpoint' boxes have been introduced to bring a more critical approach to the text, covering issues such as GDP and the quality of life; Porter's Five Forces Model and its critics; Investing in Africa; and the European Emissions Trading System. The book outlines the process of globalization, the global economy, and the impact this has on international business organizations. Using a PESTLE framework the text analyses the economic, political, legal, financial, technological, socio-cultural and ecological environments, thereby clearly outlining the factors which affect the everyday business of organizations. Adopting a truly international approach, the text is a well designed, full colour textbook with a range of features including examples and case studies to encourage a systematic analysis of international business environmental issues. Each chapter begins and ends with a one page case study; in addition there are more than 50 up-to-date mini-cases within the text. This second edition has been fully updated to cover, amongst a wealth of new developments, the global financial crisis and the latest ecological issues. Online Resource Centre Student resources: 1. Web links (5 per chapter) 2. Web exercises (2 per chapter) 3. Multiple choice questions (10 per chapter) 4. Interactive world map 5. Glossary 6. Video library featuring links to clips on YouTube and other sites Lecturer resources: 1. Answers to case study questions in the book 2. Answers to review questions. 3. Power Point slides. 4. Exam/Assignment questions 5. Figures, tables and photos from the book. 6. Case study updates.

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ISBN 9780199596829
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication Date
Edition 2 Rev ed