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This is the first Asia Pacific adaptation of a US textbook that is well-recognised for its logical structure and good level of detail. This adaptation maintains the strong foundations of the US text while providing a range of local and international examples to engage students from diverse backgrounds. This Asia Pacific adaptation is designed to appeal to students from across the region. This visually-appealing and easy to read text takes a practical approach to help students apply consumer behaviour principles to their business and marketing studies. This text has many more case studies than the original US book, with case studies in every chapter and longer cases at the end of each part. This text will suit undergraduate students in second or third year, studying Consumer Behaviour, which is often a very popular elective. Courses have a high proportion of international students from Asian backgrounds (ESL), so this text is very much Asia Pacific rather than Australian.

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ISBN 9780170129770
Publisher Thomson Learning
Publication Date
Edition 1st edition