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Part I: Current Economic Processes and Problems1. What is Political Economy?2. The Personal is Political Economic3. Structural Economic Changes4. Political Economic ChallengesPart II: Economic Systems and Economic Theories5. Economic Systems6. Capitalism7. Economic TheoriesPart III: Back to Basics: Classical Political Economy8. Capitalism Emerging9. Private Vices, Public Virtues10. Value, Distribution, Growth11. Land and Economic SurplusPart IV: The Critique of Capitalism: Marxist Economics12. Contesting Capitalism13. The Mode of Production14. Labour, Value, Exploitation15. Capital Accumulation16. Reproduction, Growth, Change17. Economic CrisesPart V: The Ideology of the Market: Neoclassical Economics18. Free-market Economics19. Consumers20. Firms21. Market Structures22. Distribution23. Economic Welfare and Neo-LiberalismPart VI: Evolution and Reform: Institutional Economics24. Economy and Society25. A Dissident Tradition in Economics26. Economic Power27. Economic and Social Reform28. Corporate GlobalisationPart VII: Stabilising the Economy: Keynesian Economics29. The Disillusioned Defence of Capitalism30. Constructing a Keynesian Model31. Instability in a Monetary Economy32. Macroeconomic Policy33. The Keynesian LegacyPart VIII: Contemporary Concerns: Modern Political Economy34. A Radical Reconstruction35. Economy and Environment36. Technology, Industry, Work37. Class, Gender, Ethnicity38. The Political Economy of the StatePart IX: Whither Political Economy? Conflict and Progress39. Why Do Economists Disagree?40. A Level Playing Field for Economic Ideas?41. W(h)ither Capitalism?42. A Happy Ending?

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ISBN 9780195518757
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