Principles of Pathophysiology + Fundamentals of Pharmacology 9781488657931

Course Codes : HSNS368, HSNS263, HSNS264, 91529, 91529/91530
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This pack contains 1 copy of Principles of Pathophysiology and 1 copy of Fundamentals of Pharmacology.

Principles of Pathophysiology is the first ground-up Australian text in pathophysiology.
Moving away from the traditional approach, the text focuses on the balance of pathophysiology and clinical adaptation, which is often combined with pharmacology.

This text helps learners to understand complex pathophysiological concepts through its accessible format and strong integration of science with clinical practice.

The 8th Edition of Fundamentals of Pharmacology presents key scientific and clinical principles to facilitate a greater understanding of pharmacology.

This wholly-Australasian text provides comprehensive and current coverage of topics, written in a clear style with a reader-friendly, full-colour design. The authors have implemented student focussed changes to ensure the text is easy to navigate and the content flows to aid comprehension and retention of content.

Additional Information

ISBN 9781488657931
Publisher Pearson Education Australia
Publication Date
Edition 8