Applied Sport Psychology: Personal Growth to Peak Performance 9780078022708

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1 Sport Psychology: Past, Present, Future
Jean M. Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus; Vikki Krane, Bowling Green State University


2 Motor Skill Learning for Effective Coaching and Performance
Cheryl A. Coker, New Mexico State University
3 A Positive Approach to Coaching Effectiveness and Performance Enhancement
Ronald E. Smith, University of Washington
4 The Motivational Climate, Athlete Motivation, and Implications for the Quality of Sport Engagement
Joan L. Duda, The University of Birmingham; Darren C. Treasure, Competitive Advantage International
5 The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Theory: When Coaches Expectations Become Reality
Thelma Sternberg Horn, Miami University; Curt L. Lox, Southern Illinois University; Francisco Labrador, Wittenberg University
6 Leadership in Sport: The Critical Importance of Coach and Athlete Leadership
Julia D. Sterrett, Lehigh University; Jeff Janssen, Janssen Sports Leadership Center
7 The Sport Team as an Effective Group
Mark A. Eys, Wilfrid Laurier University; Shauna M. Burke, Western University; Paul W. Dennis, York University; Blair Evans, Wilfrid Laurier University
8 Communicating Effectively
David P. Yukelson, The Pennsylvania State University


9 Psychological Characteristics of Peak Performance
Vikki Krane, Bowling Green State University; Jean M.
Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus
10 Increasing Awareness for Sport Performance
Kenneth Ravizza, California State University at Fullerton;
Angela Fifer, United States Military Academy
11 Goal Setting for Peak Performance
Daniel Gould, Michigan State University
12 Understanding and Managing Stress in Sport
Sheldon Hanton, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK;
Stephen Mellalieu, Swansea University, UK; Jean M.
Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus
13 Seeing Is Believing: Understanding and Using Imagery in Sport
Robin S. Vealey, Miami University; Samuel T. Forlenza, Michigan State University
14 Cognitive Techniques for Building Confidence and Enhancing Performance
Jean M. Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus; Nate Zinsser, United States Military Academy; Linda Bunker, University of Virginia, Emeritus
15 Concentration and Strategies for Controlling It
Jean M. Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus; Robert M. Nideffer, Enhanced Performance Systems; Vietta E. Wilson, York University, Emeritus; Marc-Simon Sagal, The Winning Mind


16 Integrating and Implementing a Psychological Skills Training Program
Robert S. Weinberg, Miami University; Jean M. Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus
17 Conducting Psychologically Oriented Coach-Training Programs: A Social - Cognitive Approach
Frank L. Smoll, University of Washington; Ronald E. Smith, University of Washington
18 Gender and Cultural Considerations
Diane L. Gill, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Cindra S. Kamphoff, Minnesota State University, Mankato


19 When to Refer Athletes for Counseling or Psychotherapy
David Tod, Aberystwyth University; Mark B. Andersen, Victoria University
20 Drug Abuse in Sport: Causes and Cures
Mark H. Anshel, Middle Tennessee State University
21 Athlete Burnout: An Individual and Organizational Phenomenon
J.D. DeFreese, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Thomas Raedeke, East Carolina University; Alan Smith, Michigan State University
22 Injury Risk and Rehabilitation: Psychological Considerations
Jean M. Williams, University of Arizona, Emeritus; Carrie B. Scherzer, Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta
23 Career Transition among Athletes: Is There Life after Sports?
David Lavallee, University of Stirling, UK; Sunghee Park, Kookmin University, South Korea; Jim Taylor, San Francisco
24 Exercise Psychology
Rod K. Dishman, The University of Georgia; Heather O. Chambliss, University of Memphis

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