Language Disorders: A Functional Approach to Assessment and Intervention 9780205607648

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The new fifth edition of Language Disorders offers a comprehensive discussion of language disorders and clinical practice that emphasizes classroom application and evidence-based practice. The text builds a foundation of information about models and disorders and then asks students to apply that information to learning assessment and intervention skills. This text takes a functional, environmental, and conversational approach to assessment and intervention by using the child's natural environment and conversational partners. Unlike other language disorders texts that have a disorder-specific focus, this text takes a logical traverse from assessment through intervention across disorders. The revised fifth edition is completely updated with current trends and developments in the field and offers an array of practical ideas and useful suggestions for students and speech-language pathologists. The text provides concrete guidelines and procedures for the assessment and training of children as well as training for speech-language pathologists.

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ISBN 9780205607648
Publisher Allyn & Bacon
Publication Date
Edition 5th edition