Chemistry With Advanced Topics 9781259681493

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Chang's best-selling general chemistry textbook takes a traditional approach and is often considered a student and teacher favorite. The book features a straightforward clear writing style and proven problem-solving strategies. It continues the tradition of providing a firm foundation in chemical concepts and principles while presenting a broad range of topics in a clear concise manner. The tradition of Chemistry has a new addition with co-author Kenneth Goldsby from Florida State University adding variations to the 12th edition. The organization of the chapter order has changed with nuclear chemistry moving up in the chapter order. Advanced Topics appear in chapter 7 Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of Atoms; Chapter 13 Chemical Kinetics; and chapter 17 Entropy Free Energy and EquilibriumChapter 7 Quantum Theory and the Electronic Structure of AtomsAdditional content on:Planck’s Quantum TheoryEmission Spectrum of Hydrogen AtomBohr’s ModelParticles in a one-dimensional box model for Quantum Mechanical SystemAdvanced ProblemsChapter 13 Chemical KineticsAdditional content on:Pseudo-first-order ReactionsThe Steady-State ApproximationEnzyme CatalysisAdvanced ProblemsChapter 17 Entropy Free Energy and EquilibriumAdditional content on:Microstates and EntropyEntropy change due to heatingTransition-State theoryAdvance Problems

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ISBN 9781259681493
Publisher Mcgraw-Hill
Publication Date
Edition 12