Research Methods for Information Management and Systems: Techniques and Questions 9780734611482

Course Codes : INF447, INF550, INFO3001, LIS330
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Ideal for those undertaking research in the fields of librarianship and information management, "Research Methods for Information Management and Systems: Techniques and Questions" is a wide-ranging text that guides students through the literature so that they can pursue their own investigations efficiently and in greater detail. It is structured according to key topics and divided into four parts. Part I introduces the reader to the field of research methods, and includes Ethics. Part II deals with the broad categories of research, such as surveys, case studies, action research, and ethnography. Part III the focuses on techniques, including sampling, questionnaires and interview design, and focus groups. Part IV then deals with the analysis of data, both quantitative and qualitative, and the evaluation of published research. The final chapter then poses seven questions critical for good researchers.

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ISBN 9780734611482
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