Macroeconomics 7th Edition 9781442550797

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Economics 7th edition provides a streamlined approach to study and recognises the difficulties some students may face in comprehending key concepts. By leaving the more technical content and application until later, students can enjoy the more exciting policy material from the beginning and engage with the content early. Through compelling examples, clear explanations and the latest instructive on-line resources, the text draws students into the content and reinforces learning through practice and solving problems which are relevant to them. The authors train students to think about issues in the way real economists do, and learn how to explore difficult policy problems and make more informed decisions by offering a clear introduction to theory and applying the concepts to today’s events, news, and research. A new and innovative suite of learning and teaching solutions accompany the text, including the free Study on the Go mobile app and tighter integration with MyEconLab, all designed to help lecturers deliver a successful course.

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ISBN 9781442550797
Publisher Pearson Education Australia
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Edition 7