Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences 9780198708698

Course Codes : CHEM2002, CHM102, CHM104, CHM115, SCI100
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1: Why are study and communication skills important? 2: Making the most of lectures 3: Making the most of tutorials and workshops 4: Making the most of group work 5: Making the most of practical work 6: Working with different information sources 7: Choosing the right writing style 8: Writing essays and assignments 9: Writing practical and project reports 10: Communicating with a non-scientific audience 11: Using feedback 12: Avoiding plagiarism 13: Preparing scientific presentations 14: Delivering scientific presentations 15: Creating academic posters 16: Getting the most out of revision 17: Getting the most out of exams 18: Making yourself employable

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ISBN 9780198708698
Publisher Oxford University Press
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Edition 2