An Introduction to the Sociology of Health & Illness 9781412918794

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Praise for the 1st edition: 'This book does exactly what it says on the tin!' - Community Practitioner 'Kevin White guides us through the many reasons for the centrality of health showing clearly that health and illness are the products not just of our biology but of the society into which we are born. He expertly draws on the works of Parsons, Marx, Foucault and feminist writers to provide an authoritative analysis of the social nature of health' - Ray Fitzpatrick, University of Oxford 'The overall arguments being made are thoroughly sociological, and the chapters provide great overviews and insights that even those in the field will find useful. The chapters in the text are very stimulating, and White calls on a variety of perspectives to flesh out the arguments he makes. I would certainly recommend the text for introductory courses. The invigorating style should be attractive to students' - eSocHealth This is a new edition of the best-selling textbook for students in the Sociology of Health & Illness. The first edition was widely praised for its clarity, accessibility and comprehensive coverage. All of these features are retained in the new edition. Added to them are: " Systematic updated empirical references to the material covered in the first Edition. " A revision of the more challenging elements in the theory section to facilitate comprehension and enhance study. " A consideration of the 'new public management' philosophy in hospital and health care administration. The result is a book that academics and students in the sociology of health and illness will use as a 'first stop' to study. Free of jargon, intuitive about student needs and well versed in course requirements, the new edition will refresh old readers and delight new ones.

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ISBN 9781412918794
Publisher SAGE Publications Ltd
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Edition 2 Revised edition