Analysis in Qualitative Research 9781847870070

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This book helps you prepare and successfully finish your qualitative data analysis. It sets out an easy to grasp model - the spiral of analysis - that shows how to break up the data with coding and how to subsequently integrate the data to yield a meaningful picture of the phenomenon under study. It offers useful devices to guide the reader through the last difficult integrating phase of qualitative analysis including diagramming, memoing, thinking aloud, and using one's feelings. The book incorporates the support of software for qualitative data analysis. The analysis is placed in the context of modern quality criteria and the demands posed on the reporting. The book cannot take the place of the process of thinking about the data, but it does provide thinking aids and practical tools to process the data, which can result in interesting findings.The book is written on an introductory level and is aimed at third year undergraduate students, master students, postgraduates and anybody beginning a research project. The examples cover a wide range of subjects that make the book attractive for several social science disciplines.It strives to help researchers start and finish the analysis, and to inspire and enthuse them with their projects.

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ISBN 9781847870070
Publisher Sage UK
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