Psychology 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition + Cyberpsych Registration Card Version 4.0 (new copies only) 9781118481233

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Now in its 3rd edition, this popular Australasian text continues to deliver on one of the most robust findings in psychology to local students - that memory and understanding are enhanced when target information is associated with vivid and personally relevant material! Building on the success of the market-leading and award-winning previous editions, Psychology: 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition has been thoroughly updated to provide comprehensive coverage of contemporary local and international data, research and examples in the dynamic field of psychology. Emerging and evolving topics that receive increased coverage in the new edition include conservation psychology, social media and the psychological impacts of natural disasters. A key strength of the text and its extensive print and online accompanying resources continues to be its integrated coverage of cross-cultural and indigenous psychology, a key requirement for the professional accreditation of Psychology degree programs. The text and its associated resources are ideal for both Psychology majors and those taking only a one-semester study of Psychology.

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ISBN 9781118481233
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Publication Date
Edition 3rd