The Instant Expert: Plastics, Processing, and Properties

  ·  ISBN 9781906479053
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Publisher Elsevier Amsterdam
Edition 1
Published 4th January 2010
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"Plastics - they are everywhere." The first sentence of this book hints at the problem it seeks to address. The shear diversity of plastics materials has led to their use in products as varied as disposable packaging, life-saving medical devices, giant wind-turbine blades and tiny electronic components. Their prices and properties vary as widely, and they can be moulded, extruded, blown, formed, and shaped in many other ways. Traditionally made from petrochemicals, designers can now also choose from a range of natural materials. Performance will depend on chemical constitution, but also on the selection of processing aids and property modifiers which can be added to the basic material. For years, people have asked for a simple book to help them understand this complex subject. This is that book! Managers, sales personnel, industry newcomers, designers and end-users are all confronted with a bewildering range of technology and terminology by their colleagues, customers and suppliers. The Instant Expert: Plastics, Processing and Properties provides clear descriptions of the wide range of plastic materials, and explanations of the basic shaping and finishing processes. The author also talks about materials properties and testing, and provides some simple examples of why particular plastics are used in common or more challenging applications. Common abbreviations are explained. Readable from cover-to-cover, or easily referred to when questions arise, this book will be indispensible.


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