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Smeltzer & Bares Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing Australia/New Zealand

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  • Author(s)Farrell
  • Edition4
  • Published15th October 2016
  • PublisherLippincott Williams & Wilkins Australia
  • ISBN
  • University course code
Smeltzer & Bares Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing is designed to help nurses prepare for their responsibilities in an increasingly complex and technologically challenging healthcare environment. By integrating and balancing the art and science of adult medical-surgical nursing, its strong focus on physiol�ogy, pathophysiology and psychosocial and cultural concepts as they relate to nursing care is supported by diverse concepts such as nutrition, pharmacology, and gerontology. The fourth edition covers the core concepts, procedures, and skills of medical-surgical nursing, emphasizing patient-centered care, as it reinforces and consolidates classroom learning. Units 1-3 introduce the theory of medical-surgica nursing, issues and trends in the healthcare system, and the role of the nurse. Organized by body system, Units 4-16 cover adult health issues systematically: the first chapter in each unit discusses the normal anatomy and physiology of the body system; subsequent chapters cover management of specific disorders, their etiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, assessment and findings, and leadership and management.� A wide-range of free online resources round out the learning experience.� Key features include: -NEW! Cultural Considerations boxes explore issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Indigenous Australian and Maori populations. -NEW! Practice Nurse boxes illustrates real-world nursing in general practice. -The Thoughtful Practice model introduces students to person-centered care, reflective practice, and clinical reasoning. -Case Studies opening each unit provide examples of nursing problems, nursing interventions, and outcomes. -Evidence-Based Practice exercises encourage thinking about specific nursing interventions. -Nursing management and leadership issues and considerations are included throughout. -Nursing Care guidelines clarify the nurse�s patient-care responsibilities systematically, under the headings Assessment, Nursing Interventions, and Expected Patient Outcomes. -Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter give an overview and focus. -Clinical Reasoning exercises foster independent critical thinking. -Risk Factor, Guidelines, and Pharmacological charts also support learning.�
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