Pearson History New South Wales Stage 5 Combo Pack

Penny Addison ,  Peter Bromhead ,  Tibor Lendvai ,  Christine Morrow ,  Sharon Szczecinski   ·  ISBN 9781488656453
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Publisher Pearson Education Australia
Author(s) Penny Addison / Peter Bromhead / Tibor Lendvai / Christine Morrow / Sharon Szczecinski / Scott Baker / Michael Cantlon / Renee Preval-Mann / Christine Smith / Rebecca Stephens / Kim Wilson
Edition 1
Published 26th September 2014
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This pack contains the Student Book and access to the eBook for Year 9 and Year 10, conveniently packaged together for classrooms learning Stage 5 of the NSW History Curriculum.

Pearson History New South Wales has been built 'from the ground up' for both specific History-trained teachers and generalist teachers needing guidance with the subject. A team of practising teachers and educators from around Australia and the Asia Pacific have written, reviewed and revised the subject matter to ensure a History resource that teachers and students will love.

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