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Massachusetts General Hospital Postoperative Care Handbook

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  • Author(s)Berg & Bittner
  • Edition1
  • Published17th November 2017
  • PublisherLippincott Williams & Wilkins USA
  • ISBN
  • University course code
The Postoperative Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital will be the fifth title from the highly esteemed MGH Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine, covering in outline style all facets of care given to patients postoperatively, both early on in the PACU and later on the floor. The book is presented in five sections; Patient Care, Postoperative Complications, Special Considerations, CPR in the PACU, and Ethico-legal Issues and PACU Administration. Chapters in Section I will address the different types of patients encountered in the PACU (eg, patients just out of thoracic surgery vs those coming from genitourinary surgery), mirroring the team structure of care given postoperatively. In Section II, the many classes of complications and their management will be covered. The considerations that care providers must afford special patient populations are covered in Section III. Section IV is on CPR in the PAU and Section V addresses Admission and discharge criteria, PACU organization and management, quality assurance, infection control, and legal and ethical issues. The Postoperative Care Handbook of the MGH will provide information in a handy, portable reference to help residents successfully manage postoperative patient care.
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