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Clinical Psychomotor Skills (5-Point Bondy): Assessment Tools for Nurses

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  • Author(s)Joanne Tollefson; Elspeth Hillman
  • Edition
  • Published09072018
  • PublisherCengage Learning Australia
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Clinical Psychomotor Skills: Assessment Tools for Nurses offers you a unique blend of solid theoretical knowledge, linking it to clinical practice. The combined theory and workbook text covers the key clinical skills and knowledge that you need and helps you to master provable competencies that fulfil the required standards. This edition uses the 3-point Standard Assessment. The inclusion to this edition of five additional skills, the latest evidence-based material from nursing and associated literature, and reflecting The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Registered Nurse Standards for Practice, make this the essential guide for students of registered nursing programs. New, print versions of this book come with bonus online study tools on the CourseMate Express platform.
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