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Australia and New Zealand McKenna's Drug Handbook for Nursing and Midwifery 2019

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  • Author(s)McKenna & Mirkov
  • Edition8
  • Published29th April 2019
  • PublisherLippincott Williams & Wilkins USA
  • ISBN
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McKENNA'S DRUG HANDBOOK FOR NURSING AND MIDWIFERY 2019 Australia and New Zealand Lisa McKenna PhD, MEdSt, RM, RN Sanja Mirkov BPharm, PGDipPubHlth, RegPharm NZ, RPh Available for the first time as anannually updatedwork,McKenna's Drug Handbook for Nursing and Midwiferygives clear guidance for safe and effective drug administration. Never miss out on the latest drug information, on the ward or in the classroom, with this fully revised and updated handbook for nurses and midwives. If you're an educator, be confident your students have all they need to safely administer the latest drugs, using the latest protocols and best-practice guidelines. If you're a student or professional, be sure you can search for drug information relevant to you, on the go, when and where you need it. Contains revised information on over 1000 essential drugs, for patients of all ages and categories. It's never been easier to keep up. Whats NEW? - Updated every year Keep up with new drugs - Comes as an app Search on the go - Ebook included Search how it suits you - NZ-only drugs clearly marked Relevant to you What else can I expect? This essential handbook contains information on over 1100 drugs, across 99 therapeutic uses and 15 drug classes. That includes drug: - characteristics and available forms - indications and dosages, actions, adverse side effects, interactions and contraindications - adjust-a-dose information for patients of all ages - information for pregnant women and sports people. But it's more than a drugs list. The handbook places the latest drug information in its clinical and social context. That includes the latest evidence, guidelines and philosophies of nursing and midwifery. How do I find drug information? The handbook comes as a book, ebook or app. So you can search for information how it suits you, at your desk or on the go. Search drugs by generic or brand name, therapeutic or pharmacological class. Use the handy reference section to search for: - adverse side effects - dangerous drug interactions - normal laboratory test values - drug monitoring guidelines, and common errors.
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