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Organisational Behaviour has an integrated approach that offers an essential introduction to the subject. This textbook provides deep insight into significant organisational behaviour topics including learning, diversity, motivation, leadership, power, groups, teams, culture, change and job design. Attending to the environment of complexity and global organisational reorientation, the text illustrates how managers can utilise proven theories of people and relationships in the workplace to be responsive and relevant now and into the future.Key Features:Practical case studies illustrate concepts and motivate students to engage with the book’s content.Practitioner profiles allow students to see real life examples of where their study may take them.‘Windows’ feature boxes integrate the most pervasive themes – communication, decision making, ethics, conflict and negotiation – throughout each chapter.Real examples throughout the text focus attention on how organisations in Australia, the Asian region and globally are responding to issues of conflict and negotiation, ethics and decision making. 

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ISBN 9780195518733
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
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Edition 1st