Communicating in the 21st Century 3E EBOOK Card Perpetual + iStudy Version 1 9780730303350

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Communicating in the 21st Century (C21), third edition, is the most comprehensive, flexible and affordable resource package ever developed in the field of communication in Australia. Significantly, it is an original work, not an adaptation of a US or UK text. This third edition of the text is in full colour for the first time, with comprehensive and highly referenced coverage of communication theory continuing to be balanced with extensive practical skill activities. Both the text and its associated digital resources are written in a user-friendly, accessible style, and enhanced by informative illustrations. Each chapter is a tightly-structured learning unit based on specific objectives, and includes self-assessment tasks, ethical dilemma case studies, review questions and applied exercises. In keeping with the contemporary style of the text, a new chapter in this edition analyses the growing phenomenon of communication via social media. In addition, a further 10 chapters are available online and in the e-book version of the text.

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ISBN 9780730303350
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Publication Date
Edition 3rd