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Offering the most current coverage available, AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: The Power of NOW, BRIEF, 10th Edition gives students the information and tools they need to build a foundation for a future of healthy living. This market-leading, student-friendly personal health text integrates health concepts -- body, mind, and spirit -- with hands-on applications students can immediately put into action. "Your Strategies for Change," "Your Strategies for Prevention," and "Health Now" features empower students to start living what they're learning, making positive lifestyle changes right now. "Health on a Budget" demonstrates practical ways students can achieve their goals in low- and no-cost ways, while "Consumer Alert" helps them apply critical thinking skills in evaluating health care. In addition, MindTap -- available with this text -- provides the ultimate personal learning experience by combining a wealth of digital resources into a single learning path to maximize course success.

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ISBN 9781337100007
Publisher Cengage
Publication Date
Edition Brief ed